Colorado Form 104PN

Out of Scope:

  • Other states than Colorado
  • Moving expenses (unless Military certified)

Part-year resident (FYI Income 6):

  • If one party of a joint return is a CO resident and the other is a part-year or non-resident, see FYI Income 13.
  • If all or part of the year the taxpayer is living abroad, see FYI Income 28.

Before entering any Federal data:

  • Make sure that the taxpayer can prepare their own tax return for the other state or that the other state has no income tax requirement.
  • Either print a CO Part Time Worksheet form and determine the percent of time the taxpayer had Colorado as their state of residence.
  • Or, open the Part Year Worksheet on a new browser tab

As you enter Federal data:


  • Add income (other than W-2) on the worksheet as you enter it into TaxSlayer
    • W-2 forms generally will have either multiple states indicated or there will be two W-2s, one for each state.
    • For all other entries, calculate manually the amounts received while a resident of CO and record on the sheet you printed above.
    • If a taxpayer moves from a state that did not expand Medicaid, they may be exempt from ACA during that time.

Adjustments to Income

In the table below,

  • Earned = Amount is based on earned income (state / total)
  • Gross = Amount is based on gross income (state / total)
  • State = Amount is allowed only if occurred when a state resident
ADJUSTMENT Earned Gross State
23. Educator expenses Y
24. Certain business expenses of reservists, etc  OUT OF SCOPE  Y
25. HSA deduction Y
26. Moving expenses  OUT OF SCOPE  unless certified for Military and taxpayer is active.  to CO
27. Deductible part of self-employment tax  Y
28. Self-employed SEP, SIMPLE  OUT OF SCOPE   Y
29. Self-employed health insurance deduction  OUT OF SCOPE   Y
30. Penalty on early withdrawal of savings  Y
31. Alimony paid  Y
32. IRA deduction  Y
33. Student loan interest deduction  Y
34. Tuition and Fees deduction  Y
35. Domestic production activities  OUT OF SCOPE   Y
36. Jury duty pay given to employer Y

Entering the State data:

Basic Information:

  • Dates the taxpayer and spouse when Colorado was their residence of record.
  • Supporting documentation method = Mail With DR-1778 (to substantiate credits)

Income Subject To Tax:

  • Enter the amounts from the worksheet for Colorado.
  • Additions to Colorado AGI are usually dividends from other state bonds.
  • Subtractions from Colorado AGI are usually government interest.


  • Child Care Expenses Credit is one you may have to calculate since the federal credit may include the other state’s expenses as well.
  • Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State is not income taxes paid to the other state as a result of part-year residency.
  • Most others are Colorado specific, so the entire amount of credit would be entered.