CyberTax TY2011-07

March 20, 2012
To: CyberTax volunteers (all volunteers with a valid email address in VMIS)
From: David Alexander, Program Manager, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide
Subject: CyberTax 2012-07: Quality Site Requirements- Attached required at sites

In this CyberTax:

  • Quality Site Requirements Alert (QSRA) on Balance Due Returns/Timely filing
  • Quality Site Requirements Alert (QSRA) on Security, Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Electronic Taxpayer
  • Satisfaction Survey
  • AARP Foundation pre-paid debit card
  • Recap: Required at sites

Balance Due Returns/Timely filing

  • Emphasizes the importance of providing taxpayers with their options for payment of any tax liability.

Security, Privacy & Confidentiality

  • IRS volunteer programs are experiencing an increase in reports of lost/stolen computers. Please be vigilant as you protect equipment and taxpayer data.

Reminder: Point to electronic Taxpayer Satisfaction Survey

  • Please point to the Taxpayer Satisfaction Survey highlighted in blue on the new tax record envelope produced this year (D12225[0911]) and suggest that taxpayers fill out the online survey found at
  • Perhaps you could say something along the lines of “We’d appreciate you letting our National Office know how we did today by completing this survey online.”
  • Although we know many of our clients do not use the Internet, this online survey is essentially free. We would like to increase its usage year after year.
  • If your site has a supply of 2011 envelopes with the survey attached, please remove the survey from envelopes produced in other years (2011 and earlier, D12225 [910 and earlier]) before giving them to a taxpayer so that we do not incur postage costs.

AARP Foundation Pre-paid debit card released:

  • AARP Foundation is pleased to announce the release of an AARP Foundation debit card. Helping struggling older adults get back on track is the heart of AARP Foundation’s mission. The Foundation works with 50+ people to help them win back opportunity, so they can take back control and regain their confidence.
  • The AARP Foundation Prepaid MasterCard brought to you by Green Dot makes an affordable and high-value financial tool available to nearly 20 million vulnerable people 50+, giving them the opportunity to save and keep track of their money. AARP Foundation is endorsing this Green Dot product to better serve struggling older adults. The royalties will go directly to support the charitable work of AARP Foundation. AARP itself does not receive any royalties from this relationship. No action by volunteers is needed, but we wanted you to be aware of the activity AARP Foundation has taken in this area.
  • For more information about the card:

The required items at a site now include:

  • Quality Site Requirement Alerts (QSRA) (Currently QSRA 2012-01 to QSRA 2012-07)
  • Volunteer Tax Alerts (VTA) (Currently VTA 2012-1 to 2012-04).

These are available on the Volunteer ShareNet in the Portal ( under General Program Communications and  Required at Site. The Extranet will be updated as soon as possible as well under General Program Communications.

  • D143 Free Tax Help Poster (with civil rights language and the white space for local customization).
  • D12225 Tax Record Envelope
  • Form 13614-C Intake/Interview and Quality Review Sheet

One copy (paper or electronic) of the following reference materials available for use:

  • Publication 4012, Volunteer Resource Guide
  • Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax for Individuals
  • Publication 3189, Volunteer e-file Administration Guide

Thank you.

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