CyberTax TY2015-02

October 2, 2015

To: All Volunteers for AARP Foundation Tax-Aide (with a valid email address in VMIS)

From: Miho Kikujo, Sr. Operations Analyst, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

Subject: CyberTax TY2015-02: New Volunteer Portal

We are pleased to inform you that the launch of the New Volunteer Portal is just a few days away.
The New Volunteer Portal is a technology revolution for all AARP and AARP Foundation programs. Using the New Volunteer Portal, all volunteers will be able to update their personal information – including mailing and email addresses, phone numbers and the accounts where they want their direct deposits to be routed, submit reimbursements, and access OneSupport, Tax-Aide’s information repository. Volunteer leaders, within the responsibilities of their position, will be able to maintain information about their sites and associated activity, get information about new prospective volunteers, and find up to date information about their active volunteers. The New Volunteer Portal replaces all of our previous administrative software applications, including the current volunteer portal and VMIS.

We have been actively training state level leaders and have planned a phased system roll out based on leadership positions as shown below. This decision was made to ensure that volunteer leaders receive required training prior to the full launch to all volunteers. All AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers will receive welcome letters by email that will include instructions on how to log-in to the New Volunteer Portal. Our testing shows that occasionally, welcome letters are considered as spam by email programs. If you do not receive your welcome letter on the appropriate date, please check your spam or junk mailbox for an email from

New Volunteer Portal Rollout Calendar

Friday, October 9, 2015 – Welcome letter will be emailed to national, regional, state level positions, District Coordinators and Administration Coordinators.

Monday, October 12, 2015 – New Volunteer Portal opens to national, regional, state level positions, District Coordinators and Administration Coordinators. (total 1500 volunteers)

Friday, October 23, 2015 – Welcome letter will be emailed to all remaining volunteer leader positions.

Monday, October 26, 2015 – New Volunteer Portal opens to all remaining volunteer leaders (total 6,000 volunteers)

TBD (expected before February) – all remaining volunteers will be invited to access theNew Volunteer Portal.

Training for all Volunteer Leaders will be led by the state ADS prior to or during their state meetings. Training materials will also be available on the One Support Help Center.

 Transitional OneSupport Help Center (OSHC) Access:

To complete the implementation of the New Volunteer Portal, we have had to shut down access to the original volunteer portal. A direct link to the OSHC will be available until all volunteers can access the new Volunteer Portal with success. Please refrain from using the “Submit a Request” (SAR) feature until it becomes available again on 10/12/15. When using the OSHC direct link to access the Help Center, please submit all questions through your leadership chain and include as needed. Only use the SAR feature when you are logged into the Volunteer Portal using your own email address and password (after 10/12).
Please use the following during the transition until you have access to the New Volunteer Portal:

If you encounter issues with your access to the New Volunteer Portal please contact
We are very excited by this wonderful new enhancement to our program and know that ultimately this will enhance the volunteer experience of all volunteers in the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program.