Colorado 104

Out of Scope by [line number]:
  • (8) Alternative minimum tax
  • (9) Recapture of prior year credits
  • (12) Total Enterprise Zone credits (but see below)
  • (21) Gross Conservation Easement Credit

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TaxSlayer entry: State section

[2] State withholding add-back (FYI Income 4):

The lesser of:

  • The CO state tax withholding from Schedule A.
  • The difference between federal itemized deductions and the standard deduction.

[5] Subtractions from DR 0104AD

Carries from the subtractions from income form.

[12] Total Enterprise Zone Credits (FYI Income 23)

Most Enterprise Zone credits are for business and are OUT OF SCOPE.

The one Enterprise Zone credit for individuals has not been out of scope but is not supported by TaxSlayer prior to 2017.

For 2016: There are several options for a taxpayers with an individual EZC:

  1. Forgo the EZC; the tax return is in scope.
  2. Advise the taxpayer to see a paid preparer.
  3. Prepare the return without the EZC and file the Federal return electronically and,
    1. paper file the CO return. If the taxpayer wants the credit they can self-prepare a DR1366 (Section III, Part B) and a new Colorado return to add the credit.
    2. electronically file the CO return. Then prepare an amended CO return to add the EZC and paper-file the amended return with a Form DR1366 prepared by the taxpayer.

It is possible to have a carryforward EZC. Carryforwards for EZC are OUT OF SCOPE.

[14] Use Tax

Calculates sales/use tax for items purchased on which state tax has not been paid (e.g. most on-line purchases). Carries from DR 0104US schedule.

See this note on how to interface with your taxpayer.

[16] CO withholding without a W-2 or 1099-R:

Some banks or brokers may withhold CO tax which will appear on their 1099-INT or consolidated statements.

  • To receive credit for such withholding, the return must be paper filed (with all attached withholding forms).
  • Add the additional withholding to the calculated withholding on the Colorado return (Federal Section > Payments & Estimates > Other State Withholdings TS page).

[28] Voluntary Contributions to Colorado agencies:

Contributions to the listed agencies are deductible on next year’s taxes. Check last year’s tax return to be sure they were included in this year’s deductions. Carries from DR 0104CH schedule.