Form SSA-1099

Form SSA-1099

Tax Slayer entry:

Federal Section > Income > IRA/Pension Distributions > Social Security Benefits

  • Income reported with this form appears in Form 1040 line 5a – Social Security benefits
  • Federal withholding appears in Form 1040 line 16 – Federal income tax withheld

Box 5:

  • Enter in “Social Security Benefit” line for Taxpayer or Spouse as appropriate

Box 6:

  • Enter in “Federal Tax Withheld” line for Taxpayer or Spouse as appropriate

Description of Amount in Box 3:

  • Medicare Part B, C and D:
    • Enter these amounts on the “Medicare Premiums” line.
    • If the Medicare Part B is not the typical 12 month amount, it may indicate partial year coverage and you need to determine if the taxpayer (and family) had qualified insurance coverage in other months.
  • Lump-Sum Benefits for previous years:
    You will need additional information from the tax returns for those years. If those returns are not available, the entire amount paid this year will be taxed at the current rate and there is no need to enter further data.
    ☣ SOFTWARE ERROR When entering “MAGI” for each year, be sure to include in the MAGI any tax-free interest or dividends from that year’s return. TaxSlayer does not provide a separate entry for that data.

    • For each additional past year, link to a new Lump-Sum Benefit worksheet and enter the benefit for that year.  Enter data from the client’s return for that year.
    • Do not amend previous years tax returns to reflect these payments
  • Repayment of benefits:
    This has been included in the Box 5 amount. This data does not need to be entered.