Instructor resources

Useful documents:

NTTC Training presentations

Site Policies and Procedures Training.pptx

LC Training.pptx and training notes

ERO Transmitter Training.pptx

Client Facilitator Training.pptx

Workshops and webinars:

What to cover

For all counselors

  • Tax law changes
  • Scope changes
  • Volunteer Standards of Conduct – Pub 4961
  • Intake/Interview and Quality Review – Pub 5101
  • Volunteer Site Policy and Procedures
  • Practice problems
  • “Hands-on” TaxSlayer computer training, including current tax year changes
  • Special topics to cover
    • For new counselors:
      • Tax law – core requirements:
      • In-scope 1040 items, filing status through refunds/payments (See Pub 4555e for details)
    • For Experienced Counselors:
      • Tax law – refresher:
      • New and error prone items (e.g. exemptions, credits)
      • DC and instructors select items to cover as “Advanced” topics

For Client Facilitators (by Instructor or LC)

  • Volunteer Standards of Conduct – Pub 4961
  • Volunteer Site Policy & Procedures

For Local Coordinators (by DC)

  • Site Coordinator Training – Pub 5088