VITA-TCE Program Information

IRS Partner and Volunteer Resource Center: (available on-line only) contains links to Quality Site Requirements, Intake and Interview Process, Volunteer Reporting and Certification, and prior year return procedures. Also provides links to tax law changes, Link and Learn, tax products, on-line tools and e-file materials.

Site Coordinators’ Corner: contains links to various site coordinator tools.

VTAs (Volunteer Tax Alerts) and QSRAs (Quality Site Requirement Alerts) on TaxSlayer Solution Center select “Latest News” and then “Volunteer News”. Also available on IRS website under Site Coordinator’s Corner at:

Outreach Corner, provides information on topics to use for promotion, links for on-line tools, links to social media tools, and a variety of other materials.

MFT (MyFreeTaxes) Marketing Materials, provides marketing/promotional materials for advertising the MFT program. (only available during the tax season)

Publication 1084, IRS Volunteer Site Coordinator’s Handbook, (available only on-line or on CD P5052)contains information on the Volunteer Protection Act, Volunteer Standards of Conduct, Identity Theft, Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities, Quality Site Requirements, Site Reviews, Training and Certification, Timelines, Guidelines, and Security Requirements. The primary guide for referencing how to run a VITA/TCE site.

Publication 1345, Handbook for Authorized IRS e-file Providers of Individual Income Tax Returns, (available on-line only) contains important information for Authorized IRS e-file providers including return submission, record keeping requirements, payment options, rejects and refunds.

Publication 3189, Volunteer e-file Administration Guide, (available only on-line or on CD P5052 )contains all of the ERO (Electronic Return Originator) information needed for ordering software, and setting up TaxSlayer Online. It covers pre-filing season, filing season and post filing season, also providing helpful exhibits.

Publication 4012, Volunteer Resource Guide, contains valuable detailed information on tax law and entering data into TaxSlayer. Also provides flowcharts and tables to assist. Great guide for all the volunteers and a required document for sites.

Publication 4299, Privacy, Confidentiality and the Standards of Conduct, contains detailed information on privacy, confidentiality, standards of conduct and disclosure (consent) requirements. It also provides information on use of wireless devices, ID theft and reporting lost or stolen information or equipment.

Publication 4396-A, Partner Resource Package (available on-line only) information on various taxpayer preparation services, program development, volunteer information, electronic filing resources, program reports and oversight.

Publication 4671, VITA Grant Program Overview and Instructions, contains anything and everything you want to know about the IRS VITA grant program.

Publication 4833, Grant Programs Resource Guide, contains information for grant recipients.

Publication 5088, Site Coordinator Training – Coming Together to Strengthen Communities, contains highlights of the current year changes for the Publication 1084, Site Coordinator Training.

Publication 5110, e-Services IRS e-file Application Process for SPEC Partners, contains detailed information on how to register for e-services, obtain EFINs, revise existing applications and monitor applications.

Publication 5136, IRS Services Guide, contains information on how to access different IRS services.

Publications 5159, Filing Season Readiness Partner Training Guide, contains valuable information for the partners to assist in preparing for the filing season.

Publication 5166, Quality Site Requirements, contains the quality site requirements for every site.