IRS-AARP Assistance Guide

IRS RELATIONSHIP MANAGER: Lynda G. Sax 303-603-4561



Publication 1290, (CD) Link & Learn Taxes on CD

Publication 4011, Foreign Student Guide

Publication 4012, Volunteer Resource Guide (CD Pub 5051)

Publication 4454, Your Civil Rights are Protected Poster, poster providing civil rights information (1 per site)

Publication 4480, Link and Learn – (Pub 4491 [paper] or Pub 4480 [Link and Learn] or CD Pub 5051)

Publication 4491, Student Guide – (Pub 4491 [paper] or Pub 4480 [Link and Learn] or CD Pub 5051)

Publication 4491W, Comprehensive Problems and Exercises (CD Pub 5051)

Publication 4491X, Training Supplement [last minute tax changes and updates] (only available on-line)

Publication 4836, VOLTAX, poster providing information on reporting fraud, and toll-free number (1 per site)

Publication 4942, Specialty Courses COD (Cancellation of Debt) and HSA (Health Savings Account) training

Publication 4961, Volunteer Standards of Conduct Ethics Training (CD Pub 5051)

Publication 5051, (CD) contains Pubs 4491, 4491W, 4012, 4942, 4961, 4011, F6744, F13614C and F13614C

Publication 5101, PowerPoint training for the correct usage of Form 13614-C Intake/Interview and QR Sheet

Form 6744, Test/Retest (Pub 4480 Link and Learn or CD Pub 5051)

Link and Learn: Interactive electronic version of Pub 4491 with links to other information

Link and Learn Tutorial: Under “More Help” click on “Getting Started Tutorial”

Practice Lab: Password: learntwo at Login: “Create New User”

(The practice lab is IRS’s own version of TaxWise Online (TWO). If you have issues with it, you will need to contact IRS not TaxWise) Pub 4970 can be printed as a job aid for the Practice Lab.

VITA/TCE Central: (Your on-line certification [testing] process)

Create Account & complete information and register

Provide an e-mail address or if you lose your password, you will have to start the test over

Test is open book and uses randomly pulled questions from test/retest booklet (Form 6744)

Certification site will time out so you may want to do the problems first before logging into the site.