Estimated Tax Worksheet


Basic Filing Information for tax year

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Filing Status: TP 65 or older
SP 65 or older
Check if you will be living with your spouse.
Total Dependents claimed:
Dependents qualified for EIC:
Dependents qualified for CTC:

Estimated Tax Worksheet:

Income: (Expand to enter details.) Enter Form 1040 expected amounts:
Wages, salaries, tips, etc from W-2s
Taxable interest
Tax-exempt interest expected
Ordinary dividends
Qualified dividends
Section 199A dividends
Self-employment income
Capital gains/loss ( Check if using Schedule D)
   Smaller of lines 15 or 16 from Schedule D =
IRAs and Pensions
Amount of social security expected 0
Other income (alimony, royalties, unemployment, etc)
Gross income expected
Adjustments to Income:
Deductible part of self-employment tax (1/2 of SE tax shown below) 0
Student loan interest
Other adjustments expected (HSA, Alimony paid, IRA contrib, Tuition&Fees, etc)
Adjusted gross income expected 0
Deductions: (Expand to enter details.)
Standard deduction 0
Medical expenses (Actual expenses = )
State income tax or sales tax, and property taxes
Interest paid
Gifts to charity
Job expenses and miscellaneous deductions (2% AGI = )
Other miscellaneous deductions (gambling losses)
Medical expenses, investment interest expenses, casualty losses and gambling losses included in the total itemized deductions entered in line above (for AGI > )
Total itemized deductions (Required to itemize.)
Amount after deductions 0
Exemptions times TBD 0
Qualified Business Income deduction OUT OF SCOPE 0
Taxable income:
Taxable income 0
Tax from tax tables 0
Enter any additional taxes (Forms 4972, 6251, 8814 or 8889)
Total tax amounts 0
Nonrefundable Credits: max available: can use:
Foreign tax credit
Credit for child and dependent care expenses
Education credits
Retirement savings contributions credit
Child and Family Tax Credit
Residential energy and other credits
Total Nonrefundable credits:
Tax amount after credits 0
Other Taxes:
Self-employment tax 0
Other taxes
Total after other taxes 0
Refundable Credits:
Additional Child Tax Credit
Earned income tax credit
Other refundable credits (AOC, etc)
Estimated total tax 0
Estimated Payments Needed:
90% of estimated total tax ( 66 2/3% for farmers and fishermen) 0
Enter 100% of last year's income tax ( Check if AGI was > $K)
Choose which to use...
Smaller of above or ...
Use % last year's amount from the line above.
Use 100% of the estimated total tax.
Income tax withheld and estimated to be withheld
Balance (override if a different amount is desired: ) (Payment not required if less than $1000)
Quarterly amount

Amount of additional income before filing a return is required (e.g. Max IRA distribution) ?

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