2016 CO 104PN

Part-year resident (FYI Income 6):

  • Before entering any Federal data, go to the State Section, and add a part year resident state return.
  • Enter the basic information. Determine the percent of the year the taxpayer resided in Colorado.
  • Open the “Income Subject to Tax” page and print it. Or, you can print the CO Part-Year Worksheet.
  • Return to the Federal Section and enter data from the taxpayer’s forms.
    • W-2 forms generally will have either multiple states indicated or there will be two W-2s, one for each state.
    • For all other entries, calculate manually the amounts received while a resident of CO and record on the sheet you printed above. You will need to enter that in the State Section later.
    • If a taxpayer moves from a state that did not expand Medicaid, they may be exempt from ACA during that time.
  • DO NOT ADD ANOTHER STATE. TaxSlayer does not subtract the Colorado amounts from the total, you will have to figure that out for the other state, and there are likely fields that you will have to enter that you will not be able to do correctly to create a return for that state.
  • We cannot e-file the other state(s) returns nor guarantee their accuracy.
  • We do e-file both CO104 and CO104PN.
  • If one party of a joint return is a CO resident and the other is a part-year or non-resident, see FYI Income 13.
  • If all or part of the year the taxpayer is living abroad, see FYI Income 28.
  • A step-by-step set of instructions has been provided by Andy Johnson.
  • Note: moving expenses are  OUT OF SCOPE  unless certified for Military.