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Colorado certification test

Welcome to the sample Colorado qualification test.

  • There can be multiple questions per page, so a common scenario can be set up for those questions.
  • You have to answer all questions on a page before proceeding to the next page or doing the final submit.
  • Lots of different styles of questions (multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, t/f, etc).
  • Results of each test can be sent to an email address (Dist Coord?) and to another "admin" address when the test is submitted. Individual question answers are included.
  • The pass/fail results of all tests is currently only available to the website administrator and you have to open each test to see what questions were answered incorrectly.
  • The number of attempts can be limited.
  • There are export ($25) and reporting and analysis ($35) add-ons that I need to investigate to see if they might be useful. (This basic package is free.)

Put your own email address in the box below to see what the DC would be sent.

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1. Colorado estimated tax payments are entered on the TaxSlayer Federal Section > Payments > Prepayments page.
2. What is the maximum amount of a $2,000 Long Term Care insurance policy premium that can be entered in the Colorado state return as a deduction?
3. On what Colorado form are taxes for on-line purchases calculated?

Do you think this will work for us?