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  1. the link you have to The AARP Tax-Aide NTTC has produced a set of training slides to introduce Tax Slayer Pro . See NTTC-02. still links to TaxWise screen shots. Just FYI.. I work for TaxSlayer.

  2. In reviewing the instructions for entering a 1099-OID, I don’t believe Box 8 is tax exempt. This box is for government obligations and is state tax exempt but taxable on the Federal return.

    On the same input form used for Box 1-4. I believe Box 8 should be entered on the line that reads “Interest on U.S. Savings Bonds and Treasury obligations (Box 3)”. Of course the TaxSaver reference to Box 3 does not apply.

    Please advise if I’m mistaken.

    Thanks for all the work you guys do in helping the rest of us.

  3. Jeff,
    Preparing for training I noticed that Pub 4012 and AARP Scope Manual have a discrepancy.

    Pub 4012, F5, indicates that ” Motor vehicles include any motor vehicle intended for use on roads, a boat or an airplane. A donation of any of these worth more than $500 is out of scope”. This change was made during the updates of Pub 4012.

    Scope Manual Form 8283, Page 13, indicates that “Donation of any motor vehicle is out of scope”.

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