Learning topics about process and procedures

In the list below,
NTTC = National Tax Training Committee presentation
FL1 = Florida (for example)

Procedures Presentations and Pubs Resource web pages
Course Introduction NTTC-03
Volunteer Site Policies and Procedures Pub 4961 (Standards of Conduct),

Pub 5220 (VITA/TCE Scope),

AARP Volunteer site Policies and Procedures Training

Standards of Professionalism,
Standards of Conduct,
Certification Certification web site
Client Facilitator Client Facilitator Guide
Screening & Interviewing NTTC-05,
Pub 5101 (Training),
Prescreening Ideas (CO1D18),
Casualty Loss Screening Flowchart (CO1D18),
Interview Script Job Aid
Tax Preparation Return stages (CO1D18)
Quality Review Quality Review (FL1,2006),
Pub 5101,
Gold Standards for Quality Review,Quality Review Options Using TaxSlayer
Identity Theft NTTC-04 Identity Theft
Completing the Return – Final Steps NTTC-37
Admin and ERO Processes Reimbursements flowchart,
IRS Site Coord Training,
AARP LC Training,
AARP ERO Transmitter Training
ERO Procedures,
Print Sets,
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