Tax topics

NTTC = National Tax Training Committee presentation
FL1 = Florida (for example)


Tax Return Topics Presentations and Pubs CO Resource pages
Introduction to Tax Law NTTC-01
Tax Law Changes NTTC-40
Filing Basics NTTC-07 Filing Issues
Filing Status NTTC-08 Filing Issues
Dependents & Exemptions NTTC-09,
NTTC-10 (Non-citizens),
NTTC-41 (Qual Child Charts),Pub 501
Filing Issues
Tax Law Basics NTTC-11,
NTTC-41 (Changes)
Income Wages NTTC-12 Form 1040 – Income
Income Interest/Dividends NTTC-13,
Investment Interest Tax Treatment (CO1D18)
Schedule B
Income State Tax Refund NTTC-14,

Pub 525 (Taxable and Non-Taxable Income),

Refund Calculator

Form 1040 – Income
Income Alimony NTTC-15 Form 1040 – Income
Business Income NTTC-16,
Pub 535 (Business expenses)
Schedule C
Capital Gains & Losses NTTC-17,
Pub 550,
Home Sale Scoping Decision Tree (CO1D18),
Sample Schwab Statement (CO1D18,2012)
Schedule D
Retirement Income NTTC-18,
Pub 575 (Pension & annuity),
Pub 721 (Civil service),
CSA & CSF (MD1,2011)
Form 1040 – Income
Rent & Royalty Income NTTC-19 Schedule E
Schedule K-1 NTTC-20 Schedule K-1
Unemployment Compensation NTTC-21 Form 1040 – Income
Social Security & RRB NTTC-22,

Pub 915

Form SSA-1099
Schedule D
Other Income NTTC-23

NTTC-23a (COD -Principal Residence)

NTTC-23b Medicaid Waiver Payments (Difficulty of Care)

NTTC-23c 1099-MISC

Form 1040 – Income
Adjustments NTTC-24 Form 1040 – Adjustments
Standard Deduction NTTC-25
Itemized Deductions NTTC-26,

Pub 502 (Medical/Dental),

Pub 526 (Charitable Contributions),

Pub 529 (Misc deductions)

Schedule A
Child & Dependent Care Credit NTTC-27

Pub 503

Form 1040 – Credits/Taxes
Education Benefits NTTC-28,

Pub 970,

Education Cookbook,

NTTC Pub 4491 chapter 24 replacement

Form 1040 – Credits/Taxes
Foreign Tax Credit NTTC-29 Form 1040 – Credits/Taxes
Child Tax Credit NTTC-30,

Pub 972

Form 1040 – Credits/Taxes
Miscellaneous Credits NTTC-31 Form 1040 – Credits/Taxes
Affordable Care Act NTTC-36,
TaxWise and ACA,
Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (CO1, 2014) [video],ACA Exemption Reference Guide,
ACA Updates and Clarifications (2/29/2016 from NTTC),Beyond the basics webinars from CBPP.
Affordable Care Act
Other Taxes NTTC-32,
First Time Homebuyer payback (MD1,2011),
Early IRA distribution example (AK1,2013)
Form 1040 – Credits/Taxes
Payments NTTC-33 Payments & Refunds
Earned Income Credit NTTC-34,

Pub 596

Payments & Refunds
Refund or Amount Due NTTC-35,
Injured Spouse (FL1,2006)
Payments & Refunds
Amended or Prior Year NTTC-38 Amended Returns
Colorado Credits Colorado Credits (CO1,2010) Colorado 104CR