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  1. Excellent job on your cotaxaide.org web site, and your leg up on Tax Slayer transition.
    We in the PA1 District already have links to your calculators from our Web site pataxaide.org

    I’m impressed with the depth of information on your site.
    We use Weebly.com to build and maintain our (simple) site. We find using their structure frustrating at times.
    I would like to identify alternatives to site creation, maintenance and hosting.
    Would you mind identifying your site’s toolset?

    From prior Web site creation experience, it looks like Microsoft Word would provide all the formatting flexibility, and an FTP tool would provide the capability to maintain production and development sites. However, there may exist a better tool than MS Word to help maintain file links.

    1. Thanks, Dick,
      We use WordPress with the “Twenty Fourteen” theme modified slightly to give us “public” pages and “resource” pages with slightly different looks. We use the “WP Super Edit” plug-in to replace the built-in editor and the “Widgetize pages Light” to add some menu flexibility. Creating pages is word-like and requires no FTP although we’ve chosen to put uploaded documents and form images into their own directory outside of WP itself to keep links easier to maintain and we do use FTP for that. To get some things to display the way we want, we sometimes have to modify the CSS file or tweak the page’s HTML code (OUT OF SCOPE highlighting, for instance). Like anything, you have to work with what’s been created but this seems to be working for us quite well.

    1. We’re currently using almost 1 GB of 100GB available to us.
      Just a basic plan, $35/yr + $10 for domain name + $30 for SSL
      We’re using WordPress, which is free if your willing to manage it yourself (configure and update, etc)

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