ACA Affordability Calculator


Basic Filing Information:

Taxpayer's Name:
Tax Year: Region:  48 states   Alaska   Hawaii
State expanded Medicaid? Yes   No  
State has ACA Basic Health Program? Yes   No  
Filing Status: TP 65 or older in
SP 65 or older in

Filing Threshold:
100% Fed Poverty Line:
138% Fed Poverty Line:
400% Fed Poverty Line:

Number of dependents:

Affordability does not apply for tax years 2019 and later

Household Income Information:

Enter amounts from tax returns only for those dependents who must file other than to obtain a refund of withholding or estimated payments.
Amount Location TP & SP Depend 1 Depend 2 Depend 3 Depend 4 Depend 5
Tax-exempt interest
Social Security Income
Taxable Social Security
Foreign Income
Form 1040 cap gain/loss Form 1040 line 13 }
Adjustments to income Form 1040 line 36
Main Home Sale exclusion Sched D & Forms 8949
Schedule D gains Sched D & Forms 8949
Business expenses/losses Sched C, lines 28 + 30

Comments Total dependent MAGI
For use in TaxSlayer
1095A reconciliation:

Household Income (MAGI) (for Form 8965) Used for affordability test
Gross Income Used for affordability test
Household Income (MAGI) (for Form 8962) Used for PTC/APTC calc

Affordability Income:

Total premiums paid through salary
reduction and excluded from income
Adjusted Annual Income = 
Affordability threshold at % = 

NOTE: This amount is compared with insurance premium costs to determine affordability in the next worksheet.

Affordability Worksheet: (Tests for Code A or Code G for Form 8965 part III)

Use Monthly or Annualized amounts 
If the taxpayer's situation changes during the year, To facilitate input into TaxSlayer, click to use the annualized amounts option immediately above these instructions and print out the results for the reviewer and for the taxpayer's records.

Transfer the results to the TaxSlayer Health Insurance section and verify that Form 8965 Part III has the proper exceptions.
Affordability threshold =  
Taxpayer Spouse Depend 1 Depend 2 Depend 3 Depend 4 Depend 5
Exempt by another code, MEC or GOV?
1. Lowest cost self-only policy
    offered by employer
2. Lowest cost family policy
    offered by employer
It appears there are two differently-costed family plan offers by employers.
Is the Spouse included in the Taxpayer's family plan? Yes No
Is the Taxpayer included in the Spouse's family plan? Yes No
3. Amount from Marketplace Coverage
    Affordability Worksheet line 12



Marketplace Coverage Affordability Worksheet

To get Bronze and Silver plan costs, use: or your state exchange:
⇐ Enter your state exchange URL
or, as a last resort,
Check this box if this is a test for a portion of the year when the Taxpayer earns enough to be ineligible for Medicaid (/mo) thus eligible for PTC.
  1. Monthly lowest cost Bronze plan
Lowest Bronze plan premium amount using 's age .
  2. Household income: Household income without untaxed Social Security
  3. Nontaxable Social Security: Includes nontaxed Social Security for all tax family members
  4. Add lines 2 + 3: Household income with untaxed Social Security
  5. Fed Poverty Line:
  6. Divide line 4 by line 5:
  7. Multiply line 6 by 100
      and look up: .
Value is from col 2 of the Form 8962 Instructions for line 7.
  8. Multiply line 4 by line 7: TP's annual contribution amount before PTC
  9. Divide line 8 by 12: TP's monthly contribution amount before PTC
10. Monthly second lowest cost
      Silver plan
Second lowest Silver plan premium amount using 's age .
11. Subtract line 9 from line 10: Maximum PTC amount allowed (but limited by the Bronze plan cost)
12. Subtract line 11 from line 1: Cost to the taxpayer after PTC is applied
13. Return to the Affordability Worksheet above and click the "Click to test" button.

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