Estimated Tax Worksheet

Basic Filing Information for tax year (Some tax rate data is preliminary or estimated)

Taxpayer's Name: Click here for the AARP RMD Calculator
Filing Status: TP is 50 - 64 65 or older blind has retirement plan
SP is 50 - 64 65 or older blind has retirement plan
Check if you will be living with your spouse.
TP (or SP) is or can be a dependent on someone else's return.
Dependent is 16 or younger, or a full time student and 23 or younger.
Total Dependents claimed: TP: , SP:
Dependents qualified for EIC: TP: , SP:
Dependents qualified for CTC: TP: , SP: Check box for MFJ/MFS comparison
   Dependents under age 6: TP: , SP: (who qualify for CTC)

Estimated Tax Worksheet:

Income: (Expand to enter details.) Enter Form 1040 expected amounts:
Wages, salaries, tips, etc from W-2s
Taxable scholarships
Taxable interest
Tax-exempt interest expected
Ordinary dividends
Qualified dividends
Section 199A dividends
IRAs distributions (Amount of QCD included: )
Pensions and annuities
Amount of social security expected
Business income
Capital gains/loss Short term gain/loss:
Long term gain/loss:

Alimony (if taxable)
Other income (rentals, royalties, etc)
Gross income expected
Adjustments to Income: (Expand to enter details.)
Educator expenses (250 maximum per TP/SP)
Health savings account
Deductible part of self-employment tax (1/2 of SE tax shown below) 0
Self-employment SEP, SIMPLE and qualified plans
Self-employment health insurance deduction (Total health insurance: )
Penalty on early withdawal of savings
Alimony paid (if deductible)
Traditional IRA deduction
Student loan interest 0
Other adjustments expected (Forms 2106 & 3903)
Charitable contributions if using standard deduction (enter under Deductions below)
Total adjustments
Adjusted gross income expected 0
Deductions: (Expand to enter itemized deductions.)
Standard deduction 0
Medical expenses (Total expenses without insurance = )
State income tax or sales tax, and property taxes: (Total paid = )
Interest paid
Gifts to charity - cash: , non-cash:
Job expenses and miscellaneous deductions (2% AGI = )
Other miscellaneous deductions (including gambling losses)
Medical expenses, investment interest expenses, casualty losses and gambling losses included in the total itemized deductions entered in line above (for AGI > )
Total itemized deductions ( Check if required to itemize)
Amount after deductions 0
0 0
Charitable contributions if using standard deduction (enter under Deductions above)
Qualified Business Income deduction OUT OF SCOPE 0
Total Deductions
Taxable income:
Taxable income 0
Tax from tax tables 0
Enter any additional taxes (Forms 4972, 6251, 8814 or 8889)
Total tax amounts 0
Nonrefundable Credits: actual amount: max available: will use:
Foreign tax credit Form 1116 is required ( Check to allow)
Child and dependent care expenses for dependents
Education credits
Retirement savings contributions credit (2000 per TP/SP)
Child and Family Tax Credit
Residential energy and other credits
Total Nonrefundable credits:
Tax amount after credits 0
Other Taxes:
Self-employment tax 0
Net Investment Income tax (Enter investment expenses: ) 0
Other taxes (First-time homebuyer, etc)
Total after other taxes 0
Refundable Credits:
Earned income tax credit
Additional Child Tax Credit
Refundable Child Care Credit (enter cost in Nonrefundable credits line)
American Opportunity Credit (enter cost in Nonrefundable Ed credits line)
Recovery Rebate Credit
Other refundable credits
Estimated total tax (A negative amount indicates a refund) 0
Estimated Payments Needed: by:
90% of estimated total tax ( 66 2/3% for farmers and fishermen) 0
Enter 100% of 's income tax ( Check if 's AGI was > $K)
Choose which to use...
Smaller of above or ...
Use % of 's amount from the line above.
Use 100% of the estimated total tax.
Refund from designated as an estimated payment
Income tax withheld and estimated to be withheld
Balance (override if a different amount is desired: ) (Payment not required if less than $1000)
Quarterly amount

MFS comparison:

Adjustments to Income:
Taxable income:
Nonrefundable Credits:
Other Taxes:
Refundable Credits:

Filing Comparison:

MFJ = 
MFS = 
Diff = 

¹ HSA limit can be $1,000 higher per person over age 55;
² IRA limit can be $1,000 higher per person over age 50 but not more than earned income;
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