Estimated Tax Worksheet


Basic Filing Information for tax year

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Filing Status: TP 65 or older
SP 65 or older
Check if you will be living with your spouse.
Dependents claimed for exemptions:

1040ES Worksheet:

1 Gross income expected without social security
   Tax-exempt interest expected
   Qualified dividends expected included in line 1
   Capital gains/loss expected included in line 1
Amount of social security expected
Taxable social security 0
Deductible part of self-employment tax (1/2 of SE tax below) 0
Other adjustments expected (ed expense, HSA, IRA ded, student loan int, etc)
Adjusted gross income expected ( Ignore the above and start here with an AGI of: ) 0
2 Standard deduction 0
Total itemized deductions
NOTE: Deduction changes beginning in 2018:
  • State and Local Taxes is capped at $10,000
  • Home equity loan interest no longer deductable
  • Job expenses and 2% Misc deductions no longer available
Medical expenses, investment interest expenses, casualty losses and gambling losses included in the total itemized deductions entered in line above (for AGI > ) 0
3 Subtract line 2 from line 1 0
4 Exemptions times TBD 0
5 Subtract line 4 from line 3 0
6 Tax ( Check to disable Qualified Dividends and Capital Gains worksheet) 0
7 Enter any additional taxes (Forms 4972, 6251, 8814 or 8889)
8 Add lines 6 and 7 0
9 Nonrefundable credits (Foreign tax, child care, ed credits, CTC, resident energy, etc.)
NOTE: CTC increased to $2000 in 2018
10 Subtract line 9 from line 8 0
11 Self-employment income included in line 1 above
NOTE: Effect of pass-through reduction for self-employed income in 2018 is unknown.
Self-employment tax 0
12 Other taxes
13 Add lines 10 through 12 0
Refundable credits such as EIC, ACT, Form 4136 credits
NOTE: ACTC capped at $1400 in 2018
Estimated total tax 0
90% of line 13 ( 66 2/3% for farmers and fishermen) 0
100% of last year's income tax ( Check if AGI was > $K)
14 Smaller of above or ...
Use % last year's amount from the line above.
Use 100% estimated total tax from the line above.
15 Income tax withheld and estimated to be withheld
16 Balance (override if a different amount is desired: ) (Payment not required if less than $1000)
Quarterly amount

Amount of additional income before filing a return is required (e.g. Max IRA distribution) ?

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