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TaxSlayer rounds the ratio of basis to IRA totals to 3 decimal places which can result in minor taxable amount and new basis amount errors.

The "No rounding" option does not round the ratio and is more accurate. But using this option will not match the Form 8606 produced by TaxSlayer.

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Form 8606 Worksheet - Nondeductible IRAs:

Total basis in traditional IRAs from previous years (from most recent Form 8606 line 14)
Nondeductible contributions made in 2017
Nondeductible contributions for 2017 made in 2018 prior to the filing deadline
  • The value of all IRAs must be entered.
  • For distributions, do not include distribution amounts for rollovers, qualified charitable distributions, a one-time distribution to fund an HSA, or distributions that have been repaid or recharacterizations from a ROTH IRA.
  • Enter a ROTH conversion in its own column. Do not include it as a distribution.
  • For distributions and conversions from the same IRA account, you may opt to put each on separate lines to get their respective taxable amounts, but only enter the IRA value once.
Any outstanding rollover amount (process not complete)
Remaining IRA basis for use next year
Total taxable amount
Change in basis (nontaxable amount)

Form 8606 input for TaxSlayer:

NOTE: You must create a Form 8606 in TaxSlayer so that it's included in the tax return!
(Federal Section > Deductions > Adjustments > Nondeductible IRAs)
Total basis in traditional IRAs
Contributions made from January 1 through 4/18/2018
Total value of all traditional, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs as of December 31, 2017
Outstanding rollovers
Traditional IRA distributions (reported on form 1099-R) received during 2017
Net amount converted from traditional, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs to Roth IRAs in 2017

Form 1099-R input for TaxSlayer:

Return to the IRA distribution 1099-R forms and change the TAXABLE AMOUNT to that shown in the table above.
(You can actually distribute the total taxable amount to one (or more) of the 1099-R forms in any way you wish.)

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