Colorado Part Year Worksheet


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Tax year:
Filing status: Check if taxpayer and spouse lived together at any time during the year.

Taxpayer Residency

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54 or younger 55 to 64 65 or older
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54 or younger 55 to 64 65 or older

Colorado Part Year Worksheet

  1. Enter all full-year amounts of federal income and adjustment items in the table below.
    • Enter all income amounts before adjustment amounts because Colorado adjustments are calculated based on the ratio of Colorado to total earned or gross income, depending on the particular adjustment.
    • "From" and "Thru" entries indicate when the account was active during the year.
  2. If W-2 or 1099 state withholding does not accurately indicate the income distribution between multiple states, modify the entry of the W-2 or 1099 in TaxSlayer to indicate the correct income amounts and match those distributions in this calculator. DO NOT adjust the withholding amounts.
  3. Entry of annuities/pensions/Social Security/RR Retirement benefits automatically calculate the correct exclusion amounts for Colorado Subtractions from AGI using age limits and owner as needed.
    • For annuities and pensions enter the taxable amounts.
    • For Social Security and RRB Tier I benefits enter the gross amounts; the taxable amount will be calculated.
  4. The Colorado allocation will be calculated automatically based on residency dates, account dates and income ratios as appropriate for the entry type.
    • If ownership is joint (J), each half will be distributed based on each of the taxpayer and spouse residency dates and/or income ratios.
  5. If manual adjustment is needed, change the amount in either of the two state result boxes, the other will adjust automatically.
    • Click "CALC" to restore the calculated distribution for that line.
  6. Finally, enter the amounts in the "Colorado Part Year Input" list into TaxSlayer in the Colorado "Income Subject To Tax" and "Subtractions From Income" form.
Description Amount Owner From Thru Colorado Other

TaxSlayer Colorado Part Year Input

Income Subject To Tax

Interest and Dividend Income0
Business Income/Loss0
Gains and/or Losses0
Pension and Annuities0
Rents and Royalties0
Unemployment Benefits0
Other Income/Loss0
Federal Adjustments0
Additions to Colorado Adjusted Gross Income0
Subtractions from Colorado Adjusted Gross Income0

Subtractions From Income

U.S. Government Interest leave blank
Military Pension Income leave blank
IRA/Pension/Annuity Income leave blank
Colorado Source Capital Gain leave blank
Tuition Program Contribution leave blank
Qualified Reservation Income leave blank
PERA/DPSRS Subtraction leave blank
Railroad Benefit Subtraction, Tier I or II leave blank
Wildfire Mitigation Management Subtraction leave blank
First Time Home Buyer Savings Account Deduction leave blank
Other Subtractions leave blank
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