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TP was 65 or older, TP was blind
SP was 65 or older, SP was blind
Dependent on another taxpayer's return
Must itemize because spouse itemized

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Data entry notes: If the sales tax amount is not shown on the previous year return printout, use the IRS sales tax calculator to determine the amount.

Taxability on refund amounts are determined by entries on the previous year return which include: Resulting taxable amounts are shown for the current year.
Note: Effect of using taxability of Schedule D (unlikely condition) is not considered in nonrefundable credit section.

State income tax refund amount: Refund due to overpayment of state income tax that was used as a deduction on Schedule A
Sales tax refund amount: Refund due to a refund of sales tax paid on an item that was used to augment the state sales tax deduction on Schedule A (return of a car or boat, for example - very rare event)
Real estate tax refund amount: Refund or rebate of state real estate taxes used as a deduction on Schedule A
Check if this refund IS taxable to the state or will be deducted on the state return.
Medical refund amount: Repayment of expenses by insurance or other reimbursement for medical expenses used as a deduction on Schedule A

TBD. State/local real estate taxes:
5c. Personal property taxes:
TBD. Cash contributions: Also include out-of-pocket expenses and mileage if any.
TBD. Total itemized deductions: Check if the line TBD box was checked. (Standard deduction = )
Revised deductions: (Calculated)
Taxable amount of the refund after this test: TBD

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Federal taxable amount of refunds. :
1040 line 10 (TS Income > Form 1099-G Box 2 > Bypass worksheet line)
Federal taxable amount of refunds also taxable to the state:
1040 line 21 (TS Income > Other Income)

4th quarter estimated payment:
Part of Sched A line 5a (Federal Section > Deductions & Itemized Deductions > Taxes You Paid > Prior Year 4th Quarter...)
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