ERO Procedures

Useful documents:
  • Pub 1345 – Handbook for e-File Providers
  • Pub 3189 – Volunteer e-File Administration Guide

This information will be updated when we receive the actual TaxSlayer software. The process will be similar to that described below for the prior software.

Before submitting:

  • For each TP to be e-Filed, verify that:
    1. The client tracking form indicates that the return is “Ready to E-file”.
    2. The return tag is set to “Ready to E-file”.
    3. The return is listed on the QR tracking sheet as having been QR-ed.
    4. An E-file is shown as “created” on the Active Returns list.
  • If any of the above are not complete or in conflict, resolve the differences with the return’s Counselor and/or QR person.
  • If any state returns do not show as “Created”, verify with the return’s QR person whether they should be e-filed or not. The state return may have been inadvertently set to not e-file. Correct if necessary and re-create the e-file.
  • AARP Tax-Aide is not required to scan and attach any documents to the return. The taxpayer should be informed by the counselor or QR person that such documents may be requested by the IRS at a later date.
  • If an E-file has not been created, do so and resolve any resulting diagnostic errors.
  • Move all returns to the “.completed” user ID so that they are no longer available to counselors.

For all other returns, verify that:

  • The return tag is set to be consistent with the disposition on the client tracking form.
  • If an E-file was created, open the return and make a change (and change back). That will delete the E-file so that it is not accidentally submitted.
  • Move all returns to an unassigned (like “.in_progress” or “.completed”) user ID so that they are not available to counselors.

Submitting the e-file returns:

  • Click on the “submit e-files” button and review the list of returns to assure that all, and only, the ones to be e-filed are listed.
  • If any state submissions are shown with a check box, they have been inadvertently un-linked from the federal return – re-open the return, re-link the state return (CO 104 page 3) and re-create the e-files.
  • If there are non-CO state forms, they cannot be e-filed by us. Be sure they are set to not e-file.
  • Click the individual check box on each return to be e-filed. This re-verifies the first step above.
  • Click “continue”, review the list of returns to be e-filed and then “submit”.
  • After returns have been accepted, use the same process to submit the state returns.

Resolving rejects:

  • Click on the “rejected” link associated with the return and follow the links to find the reject message. Hopefully, it will be sufficient to find the offending entry on a form.
  • If not, a good resource is the ThompsonReuters web site.
  • If an EIN is incorrect, first check the local EIN database or Businesses with 401Ks might be found at this site. If this doesn’t help, you will have to call the taxpayer to verify the information or they may have to return to the site.
  • If an SSN has already been used in a prior return, you may have a potential case of Tax Identity Theft.
  • Make an entry in the taxpayer diary describing the reject cause and resolution.
  • If name changes or AGI changes more than $50 or change in refund more than $14, a new 8879 signature is required.
  • If the reject cannot be resolved, the client may have to file a paper return.
  • HINTS FOR RESOLVING SPECIFIC REJECTS, including Tax identity theft


Keep track of the number of:

  • Clients served (a joint return = 2)
  • Number of Tax-Aide workers and hours worked
  • Number of paper returns
  • Number of prior year returns
  • Number of amended returns
  • Number of state PTC and city rebates filed
  • Number of Q&A (including Out of Scope)

Monthly, record the return counts on the AARP Volunteer Portal using the Local Coordinator’s login ID.
Include PTC/cityrebates in with the Q&A count for this reporting.

Report a monthly summary of Tax-Aide hours worked, number of clients served and number of returns prepared to the hosting facility if they want that information.