Form RRB-1099-R


Tax Slayer entry:

Federal Section > Income > IRA/Pension Distributions > RRB-1099-R

  • Income reported on this form appears on Form 1040 line 4a – Pensions and annuities.
  • Federal tax withheld appears on Form 1040 line 16 – Federal income tax withheld

Box 3:

  • Enter the Employee Contributions amount and complete the Simplified Method worksheet using the TS Simplified Method worksheet under box 7a or our Annuity Calculator. If you use the TS Simplified Method calculator, it will carry to box 7a (Taxable amount).
  • RR retirement income does not carry to the Colorado forms as a deduction from income. See the note below.

Box 12:

  • Enter the Medicare Premium Total amount as an itemized medical deduction if it has not already been entered on the Social Security Equivalent (RRB-1099) statement.
☣ SOFTWARE ERROR The RRB-1099 and RRB1099-R do not properly carry across to the Colorado Form 104AD. Both Tier I and Tier II amounts are not taxable to the state and should appear on line 10 of CO Form 104AD. They also appear incorrectly as part of the line 3 entry along with other Social Security, pensions and IRAs which incorrectly includes in the 20K/24K state pension exclusion since they have their own exclusion. This produces erroneous results for the CO state return. Correct this using the RRB Worksheet.