Learning TaxSlayer


Access for training and practice:

  • The practice lab version of TaxSlayer is available at:
  • Use the generic password “TRAINPROWEB” to gain access to lab. You will be prompted to change your username and password once you are in the system.
  • The following link is a video that walks the user through creating an account and logging into the Practice Lab: Go to the video.
  •  The Practice Lab includes instructional recorded videos that can be selected by topic.
  • AARP has modified the TaxSlayer tax return preparation document for the Tax-Aide program: Preparing A Return in Practice Lab.
  • If you prefer paper, here’s the TaxSlayer Pro Online User Guide

Access to the production site:

  • The production site is at: https://vita.taxslayerpro.com/ProAvalon
  • You will not be able to log in until your site administrator gives you the necessary userid, password and security code.
  • Your userid will be different from the one used for the Practice Lab and will be different for every site at which you work.
  • This site will not be active until late November.

AARP National Tax Training Committee (NTTC) presentation:

The AARP Tax-Aide NTTC has produced a set of training slides to introduce Tax Slayer Pro . See NTTC-02.

Some general guidelines:

  • Turn the “Caps Loc” key on. It makes the data entries easier to review. For example, “rn” often looks like “m”.
  • The IRS matches on the first 4 characters of last names and company names. Be sure they match the client’s forms exactly. The rest is not as important, but we do want the rest of the text to match as best as possible (some fields are too short).