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About this web site:

This collection of web site pages is for AARP Tax-Aide volunteers who prepare taxes in the state of Colorado. Most of the information provided here comes from a distillation of publically available IRS documentation or personal experience. The site is not officially endorsed by AARP, the IRS, or the state of Colorado.


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New Volunteer Sign-up

If you’d like to be a Tax-Aide volunteer, begin the process of joining us at this web site. Your information will be passed along to the district and site nearest you.

Volunteer Portal (access to OneSupport Help Center)

The AARP Volunteer Portal is a website that brings the administrative functions of the program together. It is also the gateway into the OneSupport Help Center which contains all official documents and training information. You will need your volunteer ID number to create a login name. For more information, see the Volunteer Portal Guide.

Colorado Tax-Aide Yahoo Group

This is a closed membership group for technology leaders in AARP Tax-Aide Colorado. The group owner is the state Technology Specialist (TCS). Only the TCS can invite people to become members of this group. Its intended membership is Technology Coordinators and District or Local Coordinators who are acting as their own TCs, Instructors and Training Coordinators, plus the members of the State Management Team. Relevant information from this site is also posted herein if it is helpful to our particular community. If you need access to this site, contact the list coordinator.

T-VOG – TaxAide-Volunteer Operations Yahoo Group

This is a closed membership group for operations leaders in AARP and includes folk from all over the US. It is a Yahoo!Groups site that allows Tax-Aide operations and technology leaders to share ideas and solutions between locations. If you want access to this site, see the group description page for instructions.

TaxPrep4Free web site

This is an excellent resource, created by a team of volunteers in New Jersey that has a lot of tips on various tax issues. Check it out. The link on our menu “Client Forms”, then “What form goes where” routes to this site.

California “Duck” Book

A line-by-line discussion of each form and how to deal with it in TaxSlayer, including what’s in and out of scope and helpful hints that are easily forgotten. Although tailored for California tax code, most of it applies for all of us.

Colorado VITA web site

This is the Colorado VITA public access site with a nice list of “what to bring”, VITA and AARP TaxAide sites and other topics of interest to the taxpayer.

Union College VITA Training

This is a very helpful and complete web site with a lot of resources, charts and helpful hints, used by students in the Union College (New York) VITA training.

Personal Computer Security Scan

To use a personal computer, rather than the ones provided, you must run a specified security scan procedure and register your PC.  This document gives the detailed procedure for accomplishing this task. This is not required for training. The process must be completed by February 1st.