What to bring

to be sure you have everything you need for an accurate tax return. Also, review each of your items to assure that you will not need a professional preparer (See: “Can we prepare your return?“).

Information summary

When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out an information summary. If you wish, you can fill out this questionnaire ahead of time. Get by clicking on this link., print it and bring it with you.


Photo ID – Driver’s license or state ID preferred
Social security cards or ITIN numbers and birthdates for all on the return
Social security or ITIN number for ex-spouse if receiving or paying alimony or, if married but filing separately
IRS identity protection PINs (IPPIN) if anyone has one
A copy of the previous year’s return, if possible
If a dependent must also file a return, we should do both at the same time

Income information

W-2 forms from all employers
W-2G forms for any gambling winnings and a record of losses if available
SSA-1099, RRB-1099 social security forms
1099-R, RRB-1099-R, CSA-1099/R forms from annuities or pensions
If box 9b has an amount shown, the date of retirement or first annuity payment
1099-MISC forms for oil/gas royalties, miscellaneous or jury duty
1099-B forms, often included in broker statements (bring ALL broker statement pages)
1099-C cancellation of debt (for non-business credit cards only)
1099-DIV forms, often included in broker statements
1099-G forms from state refunds or unemployment payments
1099-INT forms from bank accounts. If interest is under $10, one may not be issued, so bring the amount of interest (it’s still taxable)
1099-OID forms, often included in broker statements
1099-S forms from real estate transactions, if any. If you sold a home, bring sales and original purchase document also.
K-1s from oil/gas royalties, partnerships or trusts
Rental received (only land – all other rentals need professional help)
Alimony received (and ex-spouse social security number) PRIOR  TO 2019 ONLY

Self-employment income

A summary of cash income
1099-K forms showing income payments
1099-NEC forms for work done for others
A list of all expenses related to your business
Miles driven (actual costs and depreciation need professional assistance)


Medical expenses – please total by hospital, doctors, prescription drugs, dentist, medical equipment, miles driven
Contributions – Miles driven, please estimate the value of non-cash donations
1098 forms showing mortgage interest payments
1098-E student loan interest statements
1098-T tuition statements
Scholarship information – amount, restrictions on use of funds
Details of education expenses – tuition, books and equipment, how and when paid for (student’s account printout if possible)
Registration certificates for all vehicles (the one with ownership tax shown)
Sales tax paid on major items (vehicles, boats, appliances)
Classroom supply expenses for teachers
Energy efficient home improvements (windows, insulation, furnace, hot water heater) PRIOR TO 2018 ONLY
Child care costs – name, address, tax ID, amount paid
Union dues, unreimbursed business expenses


1095-A, B, or C forms to show health insurance coverage
1099-LTC forms to document long term care benefits
Proof of long term care premium payments (receipt from the provider is best or photocopies of checks and statements) to attach to the Colorado return
1099-Q forms from qualified education programs
1099-SA forms showing distributions from health savings accounts
5498 forms showing IRA contributions
5498-SA forms showing health savings account information
Estimated tax payments made
Prior year refund applied to this year
Carry-over capital gains losses from the previous year
Carry-over state credits from the previous year(s)
Any tax-related communication from Colorado or the IRS during the past year
The amount paid for any purchases for which you did not pay sales tax (i.e., on-line purchases)
A check showing routing and account number if you want direct deposit to (or payment from) your account. Careful, deposit slips sometimes have different numbers, so we can’t use them except for Savings accounts.