Hints for resolving specific rejects

Tax Identity Theft/Fraud:

  • Print an Identity theft letter that gives instructions to the taxpayer.
  • Print a copy of Form 14039 or Form 14039SP, fill in the client’s information and include the reject message from the IRS
  • Print a copy of Form 4535 for the taxpayer.
  • Print 2 copies of their federal and Colorado returns and attach W-2s and 1099-Rs as appropriate. The client will have to mail the returns.
  • See also, the Site Coordinator Handbook (Pub 1084)

Reject Code 0603 (Missing IPPIN):

If the taxpayer received an IPPIN and it is not included on the return, the return will be rejected with code 0603 during processing. The taxpayer must contact IPSU at 1-800-908-4490 to request a replacement PIN and the IPPIN must be placed on the return before the return can be resubmitted. The taxpayer must provide the Protection Specialist with this reject code.

CO 1099-Misc Missing or contains errors:

Several issues related to Colorado Form 1099M are due to having a blank Federal 1099-MISC in the forms tree under Schedule C. In most cases, removing that blank form will resolve the CO issues. Go here for more information.

EIC Reject due to age:

Taxpayers turning 25 on January 1 are considered to be of age as of December 31.Taxpayers reaching the age of 65 on January 1 are still considered 64 as of December 31.Taxpayers in either of these situations whose return is rejected may need to file a paper return.