5 thoughts on “TaxSlayer Enhancement Requests”

  1. In Configuration > Preparers menu, preparers are listed in the order entered. It would be easier to assure that all were appropriately active or inactive if we could sort by either First or Last name.
    Jeff Bogart CO1 D18 TC

  2. Display Security Templates, Question Templates, Taxpayer Profiles, Print Sets and Tags that are created by a Multisite administrator on the corresponding site configuration page so that site Administrators know what’s already been provided. Allow multisite-provided entries to be copied as a local entry and subsequently editable. Provide checkboxes for each entry, including Multisite entries that indicate which entries will be provided to users in the appropriate lists. Current lists have too many options that are never used.
    Jeff Bogart CO1 D18 TC

  3. In Configuration > Preparer Setup Menu, add an option that allows the preparer to skip the “Guide Me or Enter Myself” screens in the data entry sections and always choose the Enter Myself option. This would be similar to the “Required to use guide” option already present.
    Jeff Bogart CO1 D18 TC

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